Active Aid

Active Aid provides progressive and interactive First Aid courses through a network of professional trainers.

The emphasis of Active Aid courses is on practically based training, providing knowledge and confidence. These First Aid courses will not turn you into a medical encyclopaedia but they will give you the strategies you need to manage an emergency situation.


Active Aid courses are custom-made so that they are purposeful and delivered in context. The courses aim to give people real First Aid skills that they can take away and apply if ever the situation demands.

What our customer's think

Pete Just a quick word to say how much I enjoyed the first aid course. I guess I am like many clients who take part for NGB validation - I booked because it is a requirement of my BASI licence to say up to date. Having said that I would recommend your course to all, particularly outdoor enthusiasts and will be passing on your details to those at the NPA who deal with health and safety. You created a very positive and supportive atmosphere and the coaching progression and variety of styles and activity were great. I was intrigued by your idea of first aid training as a group development activity and I could well be in touch to talk about that in the future. All the very best. Dave McGowan Lake District NationalPark Authority