Active Aid

Active Aid provides progressive and interactive First Aid courses through a network of professional trainers.

The emphasis of Active Aid courses is on practically based training, providing knowledge and confidence. These First Aid courses will not turn you into a medical encyclopaedia but they will give you the strategies you need to manage an emergency situation.

Active Aid courses are custom-made so that they are purposeful and delivered in context. The courses aim to give people real First Aid skills that they can take away and apply if ever the situation demands.

What our customer's think

Great Course Really good to have instruction from real life experience from 2 angles, Pete with is vast experience in the outdoor industry + first aid training and David with a real knowledge from many years as a Paramedic and also Paramedic Trainer. The perfect combination. Tie that in with a really practical look at first aid and you have a great course that kept me interested. Thanks Lads
Dan Robinson, Director, Real Adventure Ltd.

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