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Kentdale First Aid Training is based near Kendal in Cumbria. We are dedicated to providing a high quality of First Aid training to our students. Our courses are led by a State Registered Paramedic and an Emergency Medical Technician, both with many years of emergency experience and each bringing their particular expertise to the training. All courses are interactive and our aim is to provide students with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to be able to manage an emergency situation should the need arise.

Approved by Qualifications Network (Centre No.: 15337).

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Kentdale First Aid Training
Kentdale First Aid Training Centre
Unit 12, Gatebeck Industrial Estate
Telephone: 015395 66110
Telephone: 07832136876


Testimonials for Kentdale First Aid Training

I really enjoyed the course. It was good to have two trainers as they worked well together which kept the content more engaging.

Laura Slade

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Courses run by Kentdale First Aid Training in the last 6 months

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DateCourse TypeLocation
09/02/2018Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Kendal
09/02/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
08/02/2018Basic Life SupportMilnthorpe
08/02/2018Doctor's BLS plusMilnthorpe
03/02/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
02/02/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
29/01/2018Automated External DefibrillatorsKendal
23/01/2018Automated External DefibrillatorsKendal
20/01/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
19/01/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
19/01/2018Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Kendal
16/01/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkMilnthorpe
13/01/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
12/01/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
08/01/2018Emergency First Aid at WorkLancaster
19/12/2017Automated External DefibrillatorsKendal
18/12/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
12/12/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
12/12/2017Automated External DefibrillatorsKendal
05/12/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkLancaster
27/11/2017Medical Gasses Windermere
21/11/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
10/11/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
10/11/2017Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Kendal
07/11/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
03/11/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
20/10/2017Emergency First Aid at Work (+F)Kendal
20/10/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
18/10/2017Basic Life SupportCarnforth
16/10/2017Automated External DefibrillatorsCarnforth
13/10/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
09/10/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
02/10/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
29/09/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
25/09/2017Automated External DefibrillatorsKendal
20/09/2017Basic Life SupportKirkby Stephen
18/09/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
08/09/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal
06/09/2017Basic Life SupportLancaster
01/09/2017Emergency First Aid at WorkKendal



Trainers used by Kentdale First Aid Training

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